PicsArt Photo Studio: Collage Maker & Pic Editor

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Wondering how some people have better photos than others? Well, the secret is out.

PicsArt is the no.1 mobile photo editor and picture collage maker and a favourite of 400 million users worldwide. Free and with plenty of cool features, PicsArt is your one-stop-shop for every photo need.

Collage maker and grids: There's never been an easier way to make a collage. PicsArt's collage maker offers hundreds of free templates while PicsArt community uploads thousands of images every day. From grid style collages to freestyle collages, pick what you love.

Photo Editor: From never-ending features and tools to a full-fledged library of artistic filters, fonts, backgrounds and more, you can crop, stretch, clone or add effects and text at your will. There are also precision brushes to fine-tune your image. Or simply create Prisma-style effects, multi-layered double exposure photos and memes.

Free stickers, clipart and sticker maker: PicsArt's Cutout (scissors) tool lets you make and share custom stickers. The busy PicsArt community is always uploading millions free custom stickers and clipart that you can use for free.

Drawing & Camera: PicsArt Draw includes customizable brushes, layers and professional drawing tools while the PicsArt Camera lets you capture pictures with live effects.

Photo Remix and free-to-edit images: Edit our free-to-edit images with your touches and share it back to the PicsArt community.

Remix & Chat: Now you can share photos directly with your friends or in your chat group so you can all collaborate. Editing has never been this fun

Creative contests and photo challenges: CreatPicsArt daily challenges and contests motivate you to push the boundaries. With so many user-generated images uploaded everyday, you'll always stay inspired.

Think you've edited the perfect photo? Instagram #picsart and we just might feature your work.

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